Known Issues

Text in the app is way too small...

We will implement an option to choose text size. So, please be patient...

Network support?

It's on the way!

No descriptions in the list view?

It's on the way!

Instapaper/Readability mode?

It's on the way!

I found grammar mistakes, typos.

Please let us know!

I cannot sign in, and my username and password is correct.

Let us know

Some of my bookmarks are missing, even though I can see them on the website.

Try manual sync, which you can access from "Settings" -> "Account Setting". If it does not solve your problem, let us know.


Q. I don't have Pinboard account. Can I still get benefits from Pincase?

A. Yes, you can still browse public Pinboard bookmarks, without having a Pinboard account.

Q. Background bookmarking is very useful, but why doesn't it work for more than 10 minutes?

A. This is due to the Apple's limitation. We cannot do anything about it.

Q. I don't know how to use bookmarklet.

A. Please read this article.

Q. Is it secure to use Pincase?

A. We require the Pinboard password only once, in order to obtain the API token from Pinboard. The password will not be stored on the app.

Q. What's the URL Scheme for Pincase?

A. Please refer to this document.

Q. I found a bug and I want it to be fixed!

A. Please send us a bug report from the app.

Q. I am a press / blogger and would like to write a review. Could you give me a promo code?

A. YES, contact us on Twitter (@pincaseapp) or contact[at]


For more information about URL Scheme and bookmarklet, click here.


For press release, logos and screenshots, visit here.


If you have questions regarding the app, please visit, here.

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