Update: What's new in version 1.0.1

Thank you for using Pincase!

The main purpose of this update is to fix the critical sign-in bug that some users have been experiencing.

For those who feels texts in the app is too small, we will adjust it in the next update.

The list below, is the updates included in this version of Pincase.

New features

  • You can follow our Twitter account from the app.
  • You can now Tweet about Pincase from the app.
  • You will be asked to update, if the app finds any update.
  • You can see what's been updated in the new version, the first time you launch the new version.


  • App name on the home screen is now "Pincase" instead of "PINCASE"
  • Version info in Settings.app, now shows the full version number, instead of short one
  • Feedback form was showing a wrong (old) app name.
  • Some text changes


  • Fixed sign-in issue that some users were experiencing

The Dev Team

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